Buying guide

What to Consider

Here we are looking for The Perfect Metal Garage. A couple things to consider before you put down a deposit.

How Much space you will need?

Deciding how much space you will need takes just a couple minutes and a tape measure. For frame of reference read below. Since our metal buildings are built to suite, deciding your size is completely preference on what you will be using the metal building for. A typical two car garage is going to be 24-30 feet wide, and depending on your other valuables 20-36 feet long. A 3 car garage starts at 30-40 feet wide, and 20-36 feet long. Metal Building Warehouses and Clearspan metal buildings run a wide variety of sizes, but start out at 40 feet wide and go up to 200 feet wide, and go as long as 500 feet. With metal building warehouses you can always start at a comfortable size and add on to your metal building as your business grows. A typical RV Covers run anywhere between 12-18 feet wide, and 36-60 feet long. When buying an RV cover make sure to take into consideration slide-outs as they will most likely want to be out when parked.

How will it Stand up to Weather?

All of metal buildings at Big Buildings Direct are built to code, to meet and exceed your local permit offices requirements. High snowloads in areas such as Colorado can require 150+ pounds per square foot roof loads, and areas such as Florida require 180+ mile per hour wind loads. Make sure to let your sales rep know what your zip is so you can have the perfect metal building delivered to your door. What can I customize? 1. Size - Width x Length will be the overall square feet of your building. All the way up to 200’ Wide. 2. Height - From the base of your concrete to the eave will be the height. Make sure to measure. The tallest a vehicle can drive down the road legally is 13’ 6” 3. Overhang - The overhang is the edge that goes over the end and the sides of the building. 4. Colors - Sides, Trim, Roof, Wainscot. 18 color options allow you to stand-out above the crowds. 5. Accessory Options - Garage door Frame-outs, Insulation, Garage Doors, Walk in doors, Windows, Anchors, Certification, extra trusses, braces, and the list goes on. Make sure to talk to a sales rep about locations to make sure they fit properly.


Our minimum Metal building warranties start at 20 years on paint and chip and go up to 50 years depending on the type of buildings ordered. Our rust warranty is the same. Delivered and installed buildings also come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty meaning that if a building has any problems that arise due to a malfunction install, they will come back and fix the problem area.

Codes & Certification

Some local codes require you to have certified buildings these are buildings designed by an engineered drawings and have ratings for wind and snow load. Every local code & state code is different with the construction of any building we work with you so that are buildings meet the requirements of your local codes. With every state different factors have to be consider to meet the local code if you are constructing in a high snow area the snow load for that building will have to be higher than a building constructed in area that doesn’t receive much snow we offer snow loads up 90 PSF. The same goes for wind certain areas are more prone to high winds such as building built in hurricane zones so the building will have to be certified to meet wind speeds we offer wind certification up 170 mph. With any building design our customer service will work directly with you to make sure your building meets all the standards for your local & state code.

Building Color Options

From white to black, and everything in between. We offer 18 different colors to choose from the roof, walls and the trim can choose any of these colors. You can also choose wainscoting option which is 2 different color combinations on the walls. All of our buildings are covered with 40 year paint warranty.


At Big Metal Buildings we work with you to personalize the Metal Building of your dreams. Every customer we work directly with to make sure they have the perfect metal building thats fits all of your needs. We carefully consult you on features such as access points, insulations, doors, drainage, insulation and ventilation. With any project we carefully consult you the building meeting your local codes & loads. Different areas of the country will have to be specifically designed to meet those areas unique geographic challenges. For example all of our buildings that are in Hurricane Zones will be designed to withstand the wind speeds. With all the customization options we always keep your budget in mind and work personally with you throughout the process.

Installation Site

The most important important part of the installation process is making sure you have a leveled area for installation. We always recommend having a square concrete pad with the recommended footers for your code. Many other companies will say you do not need concrete and you can add that on, but there are very special steps that need to be done before you do that. Make sure to contact a sales rep for instructions on that process.

Delivery and Installation Process

Depending on the time of year, location, runs out, and logistics. Typically once your order is placed our delivery time is 4-6 weeks. A lot of companies out there will lie to their customers about delivery time in order to get the deposit down. Here, we will always advise you “if it sounds too good to be true, it is!” Our sales rep are trained to be upfront on the delivery process and always deliver on our words.

Roof Style

At Big Buildings Direct we only sell the best. Which is the Vertical Style Roof. The steel runs from the peak height down the gutter end. It comes with extra bracing, supports, and higher roof loads. The other roof style is the horizontal roof, and it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when it will leak. We do not recommend the horizontal roof, and will not sell it under any circumstance.

Roof Pitch

A 5:12 roof pitch is the steepest pitch that we offer. This would be recommended in areas with very high snow fall, rain fall, and icing. We offer all the way down to a 1:12 pitch which is one of our most popular pitched roofs due to cost efficiency and overall look. A 3:12 pitch is also very popular as that is the slope for all delivered and installed prefab metal buildings.


Whether you’re looking to add value to your home, start a business, grow a business, store boats, building a church, there is not other more affordable way to do so. Metal buildings are the future of business, leisure, and will continue to enhance and enrich our fellow Americans.