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✅ done

Took a couple calls and e-mails to get though but we’ve received our installed garage last Tuesday. Same day install which was a lot of work. Rained the day before so I was nervous

30x50 modified Sabbath

Amazing product and professional customer service. The installers were awesome, working through rain and muddy conditions. Even though Big Buildings Direct is just the middle man they were there through the whole process to ensure I was taken care of. I opted to upgrade to a 30' depth to accommodate my boat and motorcycle trailer.


The whole process went smoothly. The garage looks great. Can't wait to get some garage doors on it and some electricity to it. Very impressed with this company.

Happy Customer - Hard working crew

This was my first time doing a project anywhere close to this and I did as much research as I could online since I'm new to buildings. I called at least a dozen other companies and only spoke with four or five that called me back. I spoke with Big Al and he was by far the most knowledgable and helpful when designing the structure and was very patient with all of my questions. After several revisions we settled on a design for my art studio and I can't wait to finish the inside now that the workers just finished up on Saturday. I'll update the review with pictures as things come along, thank you Big Buildings Direct and AL.

Great Building

We were really impressed with the quality of the building we ordered they did a great job at putting everything together.

Delight 28x40
Pole Barn 28 by 40 by 14

The pole barn was everything we expected. My husband was very happy with it . The guys worked very hard the completed it in 2 days just like they said they would. I would like the thank these gentlemen for all there hard work.

Awesome done job

Building showed up crew went to work and here it is

Showed up and installed

Made it here

Gator 20x20
Nick Ford
The company is great, my county and township are horrible.

The only hard time I had was dealing with my county and township offices. As far as the company and my new shed, I couldn't be happier then I am.

Barry Steel Barn 44x40
Jesse James Clark
Berry Steel Building


Fleetwood Garage 3 stall

My wife and I love the 3 car garage we got from big building direct. Rich from big buildings was very professional and very helpful when I called for help.. He the man to call. The guys that came to install work hard in the snow and rain in New York this past week.. my garage looks nice and they did a great job.. thanks

Big Ol Shop

Last Saturday the crew finished up, dang those boys work hard...worked all day long and had some lights out thre for em, I should have set up a time lapse video to show them crawling all over my 60x120x14 looking like worker ants lol. The structure is massive in person, my business partner and I are thrilled with the outcome and professionalism, now we gotta move all our lifts in there an build out the office space. Shout out to Big Al for shooting me straight and making sure this project went smoothly, couldnt have done it without him. Also Kudos to Javier, Johnny, Rick and Jose the installers who busted their butts getting this monster installed. We do it BIG here in Texas!

My Hubby and I love it

the install crew just finished up putting our version of the Abigail 20x40 up with a few changes we made per Big Al's recommendations to best suit our needs it looks just like the renderings he sent over! The installers are polite and sure do work hard, I can't believe they got it up in a day. My hubby can't wait to move all his tools in there and I'm excited to get my garage back lol. Thanks Big Buildings

The team ddi an awesome job

We really appreciate all the work that went into our building. We were not sure what building we wanted to purchase big buildings direct did a great job of giving us multiple options on what would work best for our project. They were patient because it took almost 2 months to decide on the final building they did not push us at all. Once we picked the building they sent us an order form and check list that was really easy to follow. This made everything so simple and if I had any questions I just gave them a call. The install crew was professional and super hard working and the final building turned out just like we imagined. Was really surprised at how affordable everything was at the end of the day.

Beast 20x25
patti rairden scholl

excellent service knowledge,they are so busy ! be patient and they will help you ! creative employee! Love this company


We communicated with this company and we feel they have the best pricing. He even told my husband how to do the concrete. We are choosing the American barn and have them design and I stal.

Custom Metal Building
Tim Stapleton
Will buy again!

Very pleased with my building. The gentlemen installing it were hard workers and had it completed in a day. The quality of the building is top notch.

Pretty good!

We love the building!! Some minor set backs as the contracting steps were taking places.. but over pulled through and we love our barn now!!!

Gonna buy another

Love my 30x60 shop I got on my father in laws 40 acre property, gonna start a shop out there with my borhter. Big Al was my sales rep and did a great job through the whole process. Gonna be getting another once this one takes off so we can expand

Amazing Job

We love our metal garage that big buildings helped with being in South Carolina they were able to get us a building really quickly. The team that put up did a great job and was able to finish the whole building in 2days. Everything from start to finish was easy and straightforward. Thanks again

Start filling it up

It’s that time we got it done. Took a while with all the steel shortages but we’re here. Bam!

Amazing Quality

Blown away with the quality of the steel building we ordered from Big Buildings. They did a great job at helping us at every step in the process and really making sure that we could make this building a possibility. The install crew was amazing they worked 12hrs days until the building was completely errected. Really happy with how everything turned out on our building.

Because one star reviewers are stupid!

I’m giving you a 5 star review because the one stars you received prove that stupid people walk freely!
Yes. Prices go up. Daily.
Yes. You need to order your OWN PERMITS…..because it’s YOUR PROPERTY.
Just an FYI the first week of December IS WINTER!
I’ll be contacting you….we need a building!

The Claire 26x40x10
Kevin Bryant
Can't get in touch, No one answers phone

called many times and sent request no one seems to answer phone or email??? s

Think before posting a review

People.... One star reviews because of building permits that YOU should have checked on is wrong. You order 4 months after a quote.... prices change people. Order in a timely manner. Permits are state or local issues not the building company. You didn't know tax was not included in the price? Really? When you go in a storre is the tax included on the tag? NO! Grow up!