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Re-scheduled again for delivery

I know it is busy time, but our weather has been great and the crew didn't come out when they said they were. I hope it comes soon! I know it's busy this year but we want our building now!

Great building came.

Came out 7/14/19 and installed the garage. The only reason 4 stars is permits were trouble in our area. Many back and fourth dealings with county.

installed this morning. Dubai w/ a lean to on side. Made it finally after all the weather here in Iowa. Thank you!!


We were warned in advance but not about how long the permits would take to get approved. The permits county were backed up over a month.

Same as everyone else

Happy with the crew that came, did a job that I couldn't do myself. Done in 5 days. Start to finish.

Made it right on time

Ordered back in October of last year. Made it here in Michigan. Wanted it in march but weather was too terrible this year. Guys came out and i'm 100% satisfied. Now got a lot of work to do getting everything finished off in the inside. But good bones to work withn

Glad we got our order in

shopped for months on this garage. I know it's late in the year to be order but glad i was taken care of.

Size wise perfect, now I need a lean to

Wish I did a couple options but am with the result. Lean to would have been nice for the summer but unfortunately I wasn’t aware of them until the garage was put up. Crew clean up well and made a bit of a mess in the mud. Understandable since they came out after the flood. All good thanks

Steel metal 3 car garage 25’ by 35’ by 9’

Got the plans now just waiting on the building

The team has helped with any and all questions i have had about my building. I have been a pain in the ass I'm sure, but they stuck with me. Got my quote and ordered the building. Respect and integrity is why they earned my dollar. Appreciate it guys

Made my summer

Talked to the crew here and everything happened great. I was unsure with other companies as reeading other reviews. Glad we made the right choice ask for Rodney! he was good to talk to. Also from Indiana!

Amazing Job

We bought the building in December last year to get it in time for spring once our land was ready. They did a great job explaining the exact process & were super helpful throughout the process. It was really easier then I thought it would be!


I need information on a shed my # (772)408-3610

came like I wanted. Communication couldv'e been better. But I would still recommmend

after dealing with other companies

Everyone was right

Building came good, installers were great. Make sure to order in advance as the process was a little longer than expected. But I knew that coming in. All in all I had a great experience.

34x55x14 =$25,244,00. include install ?

Great Company

Amazing service really guided me through the whole buying process. They werent trying to over sell em on building I did not need really were looking for waht meet my needs. Awesome working with them really appreciates everything. The building was delivered & installed looking amazing the install crew was very professional. The whole process took about 6 weeks from start to finish & ended up with a great building. Thanks again


I guess it wasnt' there fault, but our permits were a pain with a capital P! Our county gave us the run around and run around and made for this simple building to be harder than it was. If I had to do it again I would have ordered the engineered drawings.

Auto dream shop

Made it for the auto show out here in Nevada. got the cars in it and were in business within a month of install. Couldn't have done it without the crew you had answerign every question.

Got it going

It took me a while but we got the drawings. Got approved. Read all these reviews that permits were a pain in that ass and they were difficult for us and took 2 months. Waiting on arrival for the building now. Ground has been ready.

Happy with the final product. Communication could've been better. But I'm satisfied that it's here and got the electric doors put on by a local company. Thanks

Options I didn't think of

It took a couple days for a phone call, but when I finally spoke to Tony he gave me a couple ideas that made me get to thinking. The wainscot we ordered was a must, and I would definitely not go without it. Made for a good look matches the house perfect. Someone said that our garage looks like 50,000. We only paid 15.


have to say Don't shop around I found these guys and Brandon worked with me the whole time. I had to be a bit annoying cuz I called him so much, but i'm glad he alsways called back.

Weather took a turn for the worst the first time we were expected delivery. Ground dried up and now we have the barn. Brandyn came in for all questinos we had and my wife said that the windows were'nt big enough. That's beside the point. How do we go about getting the mezanine in the inside? or should I contact a local contractor? Thanks guys

Communication better

Called in a couple times through the holidays, and didn't receive a call back. I understand it's Christmas but call me back.