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Great quality building process does take some time

We purchased a metal building in California using big building. We needed as built engineered drawings which did cost extra money and took about a month to make. After we received the drawings we applied for our building permit this was the most frustrating part of anything. Our building department took almost 90 days to accept our permit application. Then we needed to have concrete worked competed the nice thing is there was a detailed foundation page in drawings that we gave to our contractor for foundation work. The bad thing was he was backed up 40 days to be able to get out to us and do the work. Then we had to call and get on schedule and it took about 60 days from then to get the building. They actually finished putting up the building in 2 days the quickest part of the whole dang process. The building looks awesome panels are solid frame and truss system are solid. I'm not sure if everywhere else is that long of a process or just California just be prepared for going through hoops. Big buildings does not actually do permit application that is your responsibility so remember that. Big buildings made everything easy and was super patient throughout the process. Thanks again

Great Building

The building turned out fantastic so glad we went with big buildings with this project. One thing to be aware of is your deliver time does not start till you actually have your concrete complete this took almost 2 months to complete because of permitting. Once we were on the schedule they gave us a call 1 week before they were going to install a building with a delivery window so they said it would be between 3 days. The install crew finally arrived and they got right after it. It was amazing to watch how fast they put up these structures. Once they finished we were thrilled with the work and paid the remaining balance.

Love my shop big building built a 30x50 for me and my family and we are absolutly thrilled with how everything worked out!!

Great communication they weere prompt and really educated me on the 5 steps to a building. Thanks again guys

Excellent job putting together our 30x30 shop would reccomend them to anyone looking for good quality buildings.

The best thing of buying a building with big building was the ease of the project they gave me a set of generic engineered drawings stamped for the state of georgia that I used to pull my permit. With these drawings there was a fondationd detail page that I gave to my concrete contractor after I got my concrete done I called into scheduling then the install crrew drove from North Carolina and delivered plus put up my building. I didnt have to do any work at all and the building looks fantastic!

I came in with uncertainty about everything with my metal building. I also didn’t know much about the difference between a kit and a prefab building. I ended up with going with a prefab garage, as I am not very handy. I even made a couple changes weeks after my order and Big Buildings was still able to make them happen.

Absotuly amazing metal buildings they do great job at working with you on all the details of a building project.

Excellent company that you can tell is very experienced at constructing these buildings they put them up very easily.

Commercial Building Project

I wanted to wait three months after my building was installed before I left a review on my 60x110x16 commercial building I purchased from Big Buildings Direct last July. We had a pretty nasty winter up here in the Northeast and I made sure our building would be certified for those heavy snow loads. I've been impressed with the building and the process from my first phone call with Big Al. After several reiterations of the commercial building for my storage business we got it dialed in and it fits my needs as a multi use building with two 14x14 roll up doors on the gable end. The install crew was great and cleaned up after themselves. I was able to grow my business during this pandemic with this new structure and may be looking to expand down the road if things keep up! Happy customer, would recommend.

We ordered a building from big buildings they made everything super simple for us on our end. The hardest part was just being patient for the building to come after we poured our concrete pad.

Dream shop that big buildings delivered and installed on our ranch.

Great team to work with they did an excellent job installing a 30x50 building for us.

Big Buildings is the best

I needed a commercial metal building quickly to get my business started. The building arrived delivered and installed within two months. I am now running by business and I get compliments on the building every day. Can't thank the guys at Big Buildings Direct enough!

My Founder Metal Barn 42x40 just got installed and I loved it. I went with a dark green on the exterior and it looks awesome.

To say I am impressed with the service I received is an understatement. Brian was the best sales rep who helped easily guide me throughout the entire process of buying my steel barn.

Great work by big buildings direct on our metal barn loved the barn!!!

Awesome team to work with

My husband has been talking about getting a nice metal garage for years now. I worked with Big Buildings Direct to suprise him for his birthday. I will never forget the look on his face when they came to pour the concrete and for the installation of the building. Our building is scheduled to be installed next month, and we are so excited!

No permitted building in Missouri was super simple process we just had to do concrete work and then the team came and installed the building.

Order a barn from big buildings everything went as planned expect our permitting office took about 3 months to accept the building project which put us behind on project.

The process of getting permits was a little confusing, but Mason was always available to answer all of my questions. My metal garage got installed yesterday and my trucks looked awesome parked inside of it!

I have always wanted a space for a man cave and having a metal barn installed made my dreams come true.

So happy with my metal building! My wife and I needed extra storage space and the metal garage looks great in our back yard.

Great buildings the steel is good quality we went with a waincscot which was a really nice finishing touch where bottom portion of building is different color then top portion.

Had a barn built for my mom and dad in Iowa big buildings is who I choice to the barn. I did all the site work which was not hard at all we did it on level ground and was happy with how the installation and building turned out.