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Bali Barn 64x60
Resi Duvall
Here to grow

Our fire department finally has storage

The Sarah weathered the storm!! 20x20 ft.

High quality!! Well built!! 3 days after the construction crew left a storm with high winds and driving rain(1 1/2 inches). I looked at my wife and said you can't get a better test than this. I went out next morning and concrete was bone dry!!!!

Great Job

Great job helping me and my husband with purchasing a metal building. The building came this week and they delivered and installed everything in 2 days. We were thrilled at how the project turned out!

More than pleased with the end result, the price was decent, the quality good, & way less money than the wood build we first considered. The install crew was awesome, & very professional, everyone had a job & it was done in one day. Ide recommend them to anyone.

Great team to work with

Big buildings was great to work we purchased the building last year and it took us a couple of months to get all of ducks in a row with our concrete and permitting. Once we were finally ready they came out and installed our building in under a month. We were so happy with how everything turned out. Thanks so much guys!

Easy process

We purchased a garage for our new house in Arizona and big buildings did a great job at making everything really easy. We had to order some engineered drawings which we used for permitting and gave to our concrete company. After that, we just let them know we were ready and they came and delivered and installed the garage.

Awesome Building

We love the way our garage turned out the team at big buildings did an excellent job and the install crew was really hard workers!!


Absolutely love my building 24x30 and I'm going to build a new one 30x50

Great Barn Builders

They did an awesome job helping with design, permitting and then installing our dream building. Really happy about how everything worked out with them.

Amazing Experience with our garage

Big buildings team did a great job helping purchase and build our shop. We needed to store a couple of extra cars our family purchased. We were recommended to get in contact with big buildings direct who helped us not only design but build our shop. The process was straight forward and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend using these guys with any building you need help with.

Great Barn

Our barn we had big buildings build for us turned out perfect. We had it installed on a concrete pad and that was really easy to get done. They did a great job constructing the barn it took them about 3 days to have everything finished.

Residential Garage at a decent price

perfect for a house with no garage.

it came in at about half price compared to a wooden garage.
was able to do a concrete slab instead of a slab with footings which would have been required if I built a wooden one.

The crew showed up and had it done within 2 days.

All I have left is insulation which I'm going to use spray foam and then put outdoor sheathing over that to protect the walls.

Custom Metal Building
James Maddison
Great Installers

The installers just finished putting up our building today and we are very grateful at the job they did. These guys did an amazing job and we so happy with the finished product. Thanks again

Wonderful Compnay

Big buildings did a great job at building our garage!!

Great Garages!!

We had big buildings to help us build a garage that wee needed and they did a fantastic job. They were able to have a crew put the building up in 2 days. We were thrilled with how easy the process was, and the building turned out exactly how we wanted.

Love our Barn

My husband and I decide to go with big buildings direct after months of research for our barn. Wow we could not be happier we went with them they built our dream barn and really help us throughout the whole entire process. The team was great to work with on designing the barn we went through 4 different designs before finally going with 54x70, which was a great size for us. The price was extremely affordable, considering they actually deliver and install it. The process was really easy to work with and after we had our land done the barn was put up in delivered plus they put it up in under a month. All things consider we would definitely recommend big builders to everyone.

Custom Metal Building
Justin Williams
Great Job on our shop

We had big buildings build a metal shop for us it turned out great. They did an awesome job on it. The installers they had kicked ass and put the whole building up in just two days! Thanks again

Sherman garage 24 by30 side entry

After writing my first review it's been almost a month. New team carport is in charge of delivery and install they reached out to me saying end of November to install my garage so far so good 👍

2 car garage 24 by30 side entry

I ordered my garage spoke to a man named Garrett he was awesome everything was very easy did my deposit and I was sent a team to get the rest of my paperwork in order and now I'm waiting for my 10 weeks and they should be ready to install can't wait I'll send pictures when it's done thanks 👍

Great job

Very nice people to deal with. Once I had the cement pad done. The garage was delivered and put up in no time. Very happy

Sultry Garage 30x25x13
Pine Needle Earthworks
The pride of the neighborhood

I love telling people I bought my garage online. I have to admit it was very scary sending thousands of dollars into thin air and going on faith. Once I paid my deposit BBD handed me off to the company that would make my structure. I worked with them on permitting and getting designs. There were times I had to wait a day or two for a call back or email, but honestly - after a few times I gained confidence that they were there for me. Patience is key when doing remote work like this. I managed the whole process myself. Got my permits, outlined my space, cleared the land, had trees removed and a foundation installed. That is daunting to most people, I have to admit but it's just one step at a time. Take it one step then move on to the next it's not that bad. Once I had my foundation I sent pictures to the building contractor. They gave me a rough install date. Because of the size of my garage I had to rent special equipment to hoist the metal beams. That was a $1500 added cost so be prepared to rent equipment if needed for your structure. The work crews are very hard workers and assembled my garage in just two days! As skeptical as I was in the beginning, for HALF the cost of a stick built building I have a garage that has been the pride of the neighborhood and many neighbors kicking themselves. I'm in love with it.

Bali Barn 64x60
Snsn Ssms
✅ done

Took a couple calls and e-mails to get though but we’ve received our installed garage last Tuesday. Same day install which was a lot of work. Rained the day before so I was nervous

30x50 modified Sabbath

Amazing product and professional customer service. The installers were awesome, working through rain and muddy conditions. Even though Big Buildings Direct is just the middle man they were there through the whole process to ensure I was taken care of. I opted to upgrade to a 30' depth to accommodate my boat and motorcycle trailer.


The whole process went smoothly. The garage looks great. Can't wait to get some garage doors on it and some electricity to it. Very impressed with this company.

Happy Customer - Hard working crew

This was my first time doing a project anywhere close to this and I did as much research as I could online since I'm new to buildings. I called at least a dozen other companies and only spoke with four or five that called me back. I spoke with Big Al and he was by far the most knowledgable and helpful when designing the structure and was very patient with all of my questions. After several revisions we settled on a design for my art studio and I can't wait to finish the inside now that the workers just finished up on Saturday. I'll update the review with pictures as things come along, thank you Big Buildings Direct and AL.