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The Singapore 20x30x12

But I need one roller boor and walking door

Last year install. But writing now.

Ordered this from Tony about a year ago. He recently called to see how it was doing and I forgot to write a review about our experience. Starting quoting months ahead of time. Noone was getting back, and if they did. they didnt' know what the hell they were talking about. I called into big buildings, and every one of my questions was answered. Big thing about me, if you don't know what you are selling, don't sell it. I made my decision to go with them, and they proved me right. I'm here a year later with a nice garage and still looking good.

She's here.

Finishing up framing and insides now. Thanks Big Buildings Direct

Bought in december so I could have before winter

We needed this before winter! By the time we had ordered the garage first week of december they said it will be a spring delivery.

Simple sturdy

Required drawings in my city. They sent me some specs of the building and was sent them a couple days after order. They were good enough to be approved. I was worried they woudn't work. Crew came out a couple weeks later. Scheduling went back and forth.

Couple pics

Went and ordered a barn like one in a pic I’d seen. Tore down the old one and put it up on our property. Crew did excellent and took about 2 and one half days to get it done. Exceeded what I thought and I am ordering one again. Smaller one not as big. But thanks y’all.

Not much to complain about. Scheduling communication could of been better but I’m happy.

Vertical sides was worth it. Showed how much extra bracing they put in. Had started with horizontal, but decide vertical and Brian made the change with the people that put it up. Glad we did the change.

Footers getting dug! Ready to go. Talked to

Pete as soon as we get done will send final photos.


24x30=720, not the 1100 sq ft they claim in the description. Just sayin.

Very pleased

My building was installed yesterday and I’m happy with the final product. Big Al took time to work with me and explained the process start to finish And sent me pictures and renderings . A storm in MI delayed the install a week but other than that the ordering process was smooth. Will upload pictures soon, very pleased.

Winter came early

Our shop is postponed till after new years due to the snow storm. I have my cars in storage and need this building. I would suggest ordering early early in the year if you need before winter. We were scheduled for November but due to our snowstorm we are now late January/february. Not sure. They did update us, but we need soon.

Quality Built & service up in a 36 hrs Did a custom 42x36 6stall, room for 9 lowest Prices EVER!

Any way when I ever I know someone is building a Barn, or facility, I at least let them know about this place. they do a covered arena with stalls down the side for Extremely reasonable too. (In case you ever know of anyone looking??) BEST Quality Built & service, up in a 36 hrs, Did a custom 42x36 6 stall, room for 9 lowest Prices EVER!

Great Building

The building was absolutely awesome

Re-scheduled after snow here in Ohio. Made me mad but they were back the next week and installed. Great to see it up and here before the big winter coming. Thanks Brett

Nice system

Got my Doha installed last week. It's a very good system, well built and good value. The crew worked hard and put it together quickly. The only thing I could improve on is all the seams. In corners where sheet metal meets there is an air gap. It's covered by trim so you can't see it but it is not sealed. You would need to get a seal kit or fill it with foam to make the garage air tight.

Fairness in rating.

People, don't leave negative feed back on their behalf because of poor planning or ignorance on yours. Of course you get your own permits and of course you need to allow for sales tax. Do you buy anything at the store or at a restaurant and act surprised that they add on tax?? No. Just don't give one star when the only thing that went wrong was you not using common sense. You can always ask them as well so there are no surprises.

Just got our drawings and we’re approved permits. Scheduled for install October 27th. Can’t wait!

Can you please send pictures and videos and price

Is putting it up included in price of building


The ridge garage can you get 20x50x10 and price please and do service Pennsylvania

Auto shop Sabbath garage made it this past week. Putting our lift in now. Thanks to Blake for the promptness on calls, and making sure this all turned out good. Team was good for the heat and would advise they bring more water!

Brought wrong colors, but came back.

They made it right the second time. I'm glad they reterned the next day for install. At the end of the day it was a human error. Thanks for the barn.

Budget made

Saving up but I got my quote from Blake. I will be buying from them as he has been talking and taking care of me for 3 months. He earned my business as soon as I get approved by bank. I appreciate you Blake. Thanks

How Mach cost for a garage 20*24 to Massachusetts