What people are saying

“I came in with uncertainty about everything with my metal building. I also didn’t know much about the difference between a kit and a prefab building. I ended up with going with a prefab garage, as I am not very handy. I even made a couple changes weeks after my order and Tony was still able to make them happen.”

-Jake Riley, TX

“The only ones that actually stayed in touch after I said I wasn’t buying right away. Everyone else must’ve placed me in the don’t call list. At the end of the day, glad I made the decision to purchase from you. Will let my uncle know. Thanks”

-Alex Rasagio, FL

“From the last to the first call, it worked. As a contractor, I’ve dealt with some terrible metal building companies along the way. This project took half the time, and I felt comfortable giving them a call when I needed help with scheduling.”  

-John Alpert, NY


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