Customization Options

Fully Customizable

Big Buildings Direct specializes in creating metal buildings that are fully customized to fit our customers needs. From the design phase of the building project to the installation, we strive to give you the best experience possible. Talk to one of our building specialists about customizing your building today. Check out all the custom options below.

Custom Colors

Every building can have a customized roof, wall, and trim colors.  To see options of what colors work together you can view our color picker. You can also speak to a building specialist to have them send you a color chart for your specific area. The options of colors vary by state and location. Please note that colors can vary by state and location.

Man Door

Add easily accessible walk-in doors to any part of your structure.  Our main doors are built for utility and are delivered and installed on your metal building.  We can add multiple doors to any building. We advise you to think about where the best placement for your walk in doors will be. When you know where you want your walk-in doors and how many you want, speak with a building specialist.

Roll Up Doors

Roll up doors are delivered and installed with your metal building. We offer all sizes of roll up doors from 6 feet by 6 feet to 14 feet by 14 feet. Roll up doors are a great asset to a metal building because they make it easy to store whatever you need inside of your building. We can customize the position of the doors to the gable of the building or side.  


Windows are a great way to add light to your metal building project.  We can add as many windows as you would like on your structure.  Depending on the area you are in we offer multiple size options.  Talk to a building specialist about the window options you can add in your area.

Vertical Panels

Vertical panels are the part of the building where the steel siding runs up and down. Typically, vertical panels are seen on industrial-style buildings.  Hat channels are added to these buildings so the vertical panels can be screwed into the structure.  

Horizontal Panels

Horizontal panels are located where the steel panels run horizontally on the steel frame. Horizontal panels are the most cost-effective customization option because there is little labor required to install them. The panels are the exact same corrugated steel as the vertical.

Wainscot Deluxe

Wainscot Deluxe is when the bottom three feet of your building is a different color than the top portion of your building. Adding the wainscot deluxe style is a great way to add aesthetic to your building project.  Horizontal side wainscot is included free of charge on your building project, but vertical sides wainscot will be additional charge because of the extra labor.  Talk to your building specialist about adding wainscot to any big building project.


Insulation is a great addition to your metal building. Bubble insulation is one option for insulating your metal building. Bubble insulation is composed of polyethylene bubbles that function as a heat barrier and it stops condensation. Since metal conducts heat well, a metal building naturally transfers heat energy in and out very freely. Bubble insulation is great at stopping condensation.  Another insulation option is spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is a high quality insulation, and our buildings work great with this type of insulation. Please note, we do not provide spray foam. You can talk to a local spray foam company about adding this option to your building.

Man Door and Window Frameous

Frame outs are a great accessory to add to your metal building. The frame out will include all the framing on the building which will make it easy to add windows and doors. Also, the frame out makes the building look polished and appealing. 

Garage Door Frameout

We make it easy for you to install your own garage doors by including garage door frame outs. We frame out the garage door, put in the header bar, and place trim around the door so it will look great.  After we have installed the building, you can add the garage door that you think will work best for your building project.

Lean To Addition

If you are looking to add extra storage on the outside of your building a lean-to is a great option.  Lean-to’s can be fully enclosed or left open with just the roof and legs.  The width of a lean-to is usually 12 feet wide, but it can be customized to fit your needs.  The length of the lean-to can be as big as the main structure or only run partially along the main center building.

Utility Style Building

Utility overhangs are the portion of the roof that run further off of the building than the fully enclosed portion. The width of an overhang will be the same as the fully enclosed building. The Length can be as many feet as needed. Our standard size will be in five feet increments because studs typically run every five feet. The legs of the building  can even be finished out with trim and metal siding to make it look a little nicer.